Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Proust and the Real, Transcendent Reality

   Looking at this photo, on the cover of a book written by C Mauriac, "Proust par lui-même", in which the writer has the sweetest and purest expression, one understands, yet again, his being often considered angelic, ( Proust writes like an angel, says Iris Murdoch) and the frequent metaphors of the angelic nature, in his poetic descriptions at the end of which their beauty, delicacy and the purity I believe, in the particular one he mentions the pear trees in flower, that he saw in the "accursed" city, while waiting for Saint- Loup, led him to wonder whether those were not really angels...
This alternation of a higher, ultimately true reality, with the one we take for granted and is in front of our eyes happen often throughout The Search, and make, in my opinion, some of the highest peaks of it... I say amen to flowers being angels, especially at the end of an "angelic" description, of them.
Note that, in this passage, Proust mentions Magdalene's mistaking Jesus for a gardener, that his, mistaking the one who resurrected for a mere mortal man... There is a parallelism with our usual, commonsensical view of flowers as mere plants and overlooking their angelic nature.
The Proustian passage I am referring to was supposed to be happening around this time, Easter. That is also why the writer mentions the resurrected Jesus. I think Proust was so naturally Christian... It just occurred to me that resurrection is another frequent theme through The Search, whether taken metaphorically, as death of an old self and rebirth into a new one; botanically, like when he mentions, thinking of The Search to be written, that he, as a seed, must die so that the fruit can grow out of "him", something that actually, did happen. Proust is essentially Christian because he is self-sacrificial, and he is an angel because he channeled the angelic nature...

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